I currently am a freshman Computer Science and International Relations major and have a strong interest in cyber security, cyber terrorism, political risk analysis, and GIS mapping. 

Throughout this website, you will see the progress I made with my robot, from problem sets to my main demonstration.

Robot Demonstration

This is pretty much a summation of everything I have learned about in CS this semester. It encompasses the different concepts I learned about and also incorporates the robot, which I feel really brings in an added dimension of learning.

YouTube Link (Demo)

YouTube Link (Robotics Day)

Project Link


My Robot

So this is my robot. I decided to name him Maxwell. He is also a secret agent and he can double as a spy plane. Watch out. He will find you.



Sierpinksi Triangle

This was our Lab 7. Here I tried to draw this triangle fractal called the Sierpinski Triangle. Mine really failed and was not able to draw any more than a weird zig-zagging tessellation like thing. 


In-Class Icon Interface

This is one of the first few assignment we tried in class with the creation of an interface we could "click" on so our robot would draw the shapes. These shapes are called icons.


Fibonacci Spiral

This was one of our lecture exercises. The purpose of this lab was to use recursion as well as Big-O notation to determine the time complexity of my algorithm.